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Use of polymeric biomaterials for controlling function in living systems

Biomaterials and tissue engineering

 Many methods, including the development of artificial organs using metals, ceramic materials, and polymers, for restoring bio-functions lost to disease and accidents have been evaluated. The materials used in these methods are called “biomaterials.” Subsequently, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering are employed to restore function and regenerate living tissues by facilitating regeneration.

The potential of biomaterials

 In regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, biomaterials are used to facilitate the regeneration of tissue and cells. For example, many materials are used as carriers; this application may support the proliferation of cells and control the delivery of drugs and growth factors. I believe that artificial polymer materials themselves could control the function of living systems.

Work in our laboratory

 We perform basic and applied research on materials compatible with living systems; this research is aimed at restoring function in tissue engineering.
The research performed in our laboratory is aimed at combining chemistry and biology through the study of polymer chemistry and at developing materials that can control the function of living systems.

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
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Associate Professor
Kazuaki Matsumura