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Journal of materials chemistry B

Matsumura K, Hatakeyama S, Naka T, Ueda H, Rajan R, Tanaka D, Hyon SH.
Molecular design of polyampholytes for vitrification-induced preservation of three-dimensional cell constructs without using liquid nitrogen. Biomacromolecules, 21, 3017-3025 (2020)

Bio macromolecules

Chimpibul W, Nakaji-Hirabayashi T, Yuan X, Matsumura K.
Controlling the degradation of cellulose scaffolds with Malaprade oxidation for tissue engineering. J. Mater. Chem. B, 8, 7904-7913 (2020)

Macromol. Rapid Comm

Rajan R, Matsumura K.
Tuneable dual-thermoresponsive core–shell nanogels exhibiting UCST and LCST behavior. Macromol. Rapid Comm., 38, 1700478 (2017)

Polym. Chem.

Das E, Matsumura K.
Tunable phase‐separation behavior of thermoresponsive polyampholytes through molecular design. J. Polym. Sci. A. Polym. Chem. 55, 876-884 (2017)

J. Mater. Chem. B

Patel M., Kaneko T., Matsumura K.
Switchable release nano-reservoirs for co-delivery of drugs via a facile micelle-hydrogel composite. J. Mater. Chem. B. 5, 3488-3497 (2017)

Nanoscale 8

Ahmed S, Fujita S, Matsumura K.
Enhanced Protein Internalization and Efficient Endosomal Escape Using Polyampholyte-Modified Liposomes and Freeze Concentration. Nanoscale 8, 15888-15901 (2016)

J. Mater. Chem. B

Rajan R, Matsumura K.
A zwitterionic polymer as a novel inhibitor of protein aggregation. J Mater Chem B, 3, 5683-5689, (2015)

Biomater Sci

Jain M, Rajan R, Hyon SH, Matsumura K.
Hydrogelation of dextran-based polyampholytes with cryoprotective properties via click chemistry. Biomater Sci, 2, 308-317(2014)

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